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My Favorite Taiwanese Hit
Choose a Hit, Share the Event on Facebook, Win a Prize

About the Contest

RTI invites listeners and web users to choose their favorite hit Taiwanese music video that has attracted over 100 million views on YouTube. There are great prizes like printers, cameras, and blue-tooth speakers. Those who share the link for the event on Facebook will also have a chance to win additional prizes such as USB sticks and cups. The event will last from now till September 30.(FB post:



Top Prize

Portable Printer

2nd Prize

Water-proof Camera 1080P

3rd Prize

Blue-tooth Speaker

4th Prize

Friendship Bracelet

5th Prize

Self-stirring Mug

6th Prize

Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

7th Prize

Mini Bluetooth Receiver

Other Prize

Container with musical note pattern

Prizes for Sharing 1

Music-themed USB Stick

Prizes for Sharing 2

16oz Eco-friendly Foldable Cup

Prizes for Sharing 3

Cute Post-it notes

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Rules and Reminders:
1.Make sure your contact info is accurate and complete. If the info is incorrect and RTI is unable to contact you, you agree to forfeit your right to a prize.
2.Participants must guarantee that the info they provide does not belong to a third party or infringe on intellectual property rights. Failure to do so will make the participant ineligible for any prize.
3.Internet pictures of the prizes are for reference only. The exact content, size, and color of the prizes may vary. Prizes are not returnable, transferable, or exchangeable.
4.The station holds the right to change the contest and prizes or cancel the contest. If the participant cannot accept any changes to the contest website, schedule, or content, they will automatically be disqualified from participating. If the participant violates any contest rules , the station will cancel the participant’s rights to participate.
5.The event is for RTI’s 11 language services.
6. The prizes have two categories: one for choosing your favorite music video and one for sharing the link for the event on Facebook. Participants are welcome to enter for both prizes in order to boost their chances of winning.
7.RTI rules apply to other matters involving the contest.

Receiving Awards:
1.After the winners are announced, RTI will contact winners by email. Winners should respond within seven days with relevant contact info and documents.
2.Participants are responsible for any losses or damages caused by providing inaccurate information.

Winners rights and obligations: 
1. All prizes and prize money are subject to Republic of China tax regulations. Prizes worth over NT$20,000 will have a 10% income tax deducted from the total. Foreigners who reside in Taiwan will have a 20% income tax deducted regardless of the prize amount. The station will mail related tax deduction documents at the end of the year.
2.Winners who need to declare the prize money should fax relevant info (copy of ID or passport) to RTI to receive their prize.
3.RTI holds the right to deduct income tax and bank transfer fees when giving out prize money. Winners of other prizes should pay the income tax for their prizes before they receive them.

List of Winners

Top Prize (Portable Printer): Guo-Jia Yang

2nd Prize (Water-proof Camera 1080P): 胖唬, Vaishali Patel

3rd Prize (Blue-tooth Speaker): K. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy, 洪萬來, 余承翰

4th Prize (Friendship Bracelet): 莊子函, li bin, 林清金, H.Matt

5th Prize (Self-stirring Mug): 勳爵, 許袖慈, 小華, 尹秋枝, Muhammad Mobeen Arshad

6th Prize (Wireless Bluetooth Microphone): 郭芳齡, 鄒華人, 黃仁淵, 黃曉婷, Abid Ali Mansoori, tu ei

7th Prize (Mini Bluetooth Receiver): 胡雅琳, 林禹綸, Riaz Ahmad Khan, 呂靖儀, 鍾政容, Steven lee, 堀池 光昭, 阮氏賴

Other Prize (Container with musical note pattern): 呂昌錦, Cleo Ma, 張慧驊, 林小姐, 周逸明, Tina, 瑛, Jennifer PeiLei Yang, 黃鈺蓁, Y.Pratama

Prizes for Sharing 1 (Music-themed USB Stick): Wen WinRy

Prizes for Sharing 2 (16oz Eco-friendly Foldable Cup): 周德富, An An Weng, Chen Wen Wen, Mi Mi, Mark Tsai, 楊景靈, 藍小藍, 簡郁哲

Prizes for Sharing 3 (Cute Post-it notes):
呂俊諺, 林晉勤, Yu Fen Huang, Yang Chien Ju, Milk Lu, 余慧雲, 謝香香, Momo Le, 陳梅惠, 施細務, 陳瑩姍, Li MinShu, Kimi Ling, 林良政, 張哲泓, Hihe En, Sreerekha Reddy P, Andy Muecke, C. GHXXXXXXO, Pat Pat, Nachrichten und Infos aus aller Welt, Александр Сычёв, Tetsuya Kawamura, Sanggar Seni Al Mannan, Maa Nyun, Sanchon Muaenkaeo, Học tiếng Trung, Dae-geun Kwon