On The AIBs 2022 Awards Ceremony

As a national broadcaster, Radio Taiwan International (Rti) actively works to expand its international reach and was the sole partner of the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) this year when it held the “The AIBs 2022” — an awards ceremony that rewards international broadcasting media excellence. This event represented a declaration to media workers from around the world that Taiwan is keen to establish international connections and is determined to share the responsibilities and the same values.

“The AIBs 2022” was held by the AIB at Church House Westminster on the evening of November 11 in London, with over 250 attendees from International media outlets.

AIB Chief Executive Simon Spanswick said that having Rti as the event partner was crucial for this year’s awards ceremony as it enabled the association to honor the top media outlets in the world and their excellent work. This is the 18th year the “AIBs” has been held and the shortlist this year included over 60 works from international media outlets in 19 different countries. Two programs by Rti were also on the shortlist: the English language program “From Lithuania with Love” in the “Factual Podcast” category and the Spanish language program “A Journey to Explore Authentic and Traditional Peking Opera in Taiwan” in the “Short Feature TV” category.

For the past two years, the “AIBs” awards ceremony was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, “The AIBs 2022” was held at Church House Westminster, which often hosts important Royal family and government events in the UK. Rti Chairperson Cheryl Lai led a delegation from Taiwan to attend the event and was also invited to present the “Politics and Business” award in the “TV/Video” category.

Rti Chairperson Cheryl Lai presents the “Politics and Business” Award in the “TV/Video” category.

The attendees of “The AIBs 2022” were important media representatives from around the world. Rti made exclusive bookmarks decorated with the words: “We Share the Same Responsibilities” for attendees. This phrase echoed the theme of the “2022 Taiwan Forum in London” held on the morning of the awards ceremony, and served as a call for everyone in attendance to work together to uphold media freedom and defend truth and justice.
Rti Chairperson Cheryl Lai (fourth from the right), Taiwan Representative to the United Kingdom Kelly Wu-chiao Hsieh (middle) and the delegation attending “The AIBs 2022”