VIDEO: Lawmakers boost morale amid fears over COVID-19 through music


Amid growing fears over the COVID-19 outbreak, lawmakers from ruling and opposition camps have joined hands to boost morale through music. 


Taiwanese lawmakers across the political spectrum have joined together to sing a song called “Lucky Taiwanese”. The song was created to boost public morale and show support for the government’s efforts to curb COVID-19.


It took music producer Chu Jian-yieh only 30 minutes to write the piece. Chu says he was touched by the public call to let those in need have face masks first.  


KMT lawmaker Hung Mong-kai says the song has a message: stay positive.


DPP lawmaker Chen Ting-fei says she’s proud of being Taiwanese and wants to thank all those working on the front line who are fighting the virus.


The lawmakers sing, “We are brave Taiwanese. The more difficult the situation is, the steadier we are.”

News Source:RTI
Editor:Paula Chao