Tsai: Politics no reason for disrupting efforts to tackle pandemics

President Tsai Ing-wen speaking at the 2020 Global Health Forum in Taiwan

President Tsai Ing-wen says that no country should disrupt global efforts to tackle pandemics for political reasons. Tsai was speaking on Friday at the 2020 Global Health Forum in Taiwan.


Tsai said that Taiwan learned lessons from its experience fighting SARS in 2003, and has since created a complete disease prevention mechanism. She said that Taiwan has not only been able to take care of its people through the COVID-19 pandemic, but has also been able to provide other countries with face masks and other medical supplies.


The president cited Bloomberg Economics assessment, made in July, that Taiwan came out at the top of 75 countries analyzed in terms of disease prevention. She said this is the result of the concerted efforts of the government as well as Taiwanese people’s willingness to follow disease prevention regulations. She said so far three Taiwanese companies have developed vaccines and have been approved for first-phase clinical trials.  


Tsai emphasized the importance of Taiwan’s participation in the WHO. 


“Taiwan, as a major transfer hub and destination in the Indo-Pacific region, stands in a geographically important place and should play a principal role in disease prevention. The political pressure from one particular country should not be a legitimate reason to disrupt the global effort in pandemic prevention,” Tsai said.


President Tsai pointed out the fragility of the human race in the midst of the pandemic and the importance of countries working together. She said that Taiwan will always be willing to work hand-in-hand with the rest of the world for the sake of global health.


News Source:RTI
Editor:Shirley Lin