Taiwan offers first class airline meals on the ground

You can try these airline meals on the ground

With the COVID-19 pandemic, dreams of taking vacations abroad were dashed for many Taiwanese this year. However, there’s still a way to experience being on a plane. How about learning how airplane meals are prepared? That’s the experience offered by Taiwan’s second biggest airline.


Just because you can’t fly abroad in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat airline food. Starting October 17, every Saturday EVA Airways is letting people learn how to make airline meal side dishes like salads. You also learn to make their signature beef noodle soup dish at their central kitchen.


If cooking is not your thing, you can taste first class meals without even flying. The meals are prepared by Taiwan’s China Airlines and can be enjoyed at a hypermart. People can choose from Hungarian Goulash, Thai curry and other dishes. 


Japan Airlines has also linked up with Taipei’s Hotel Royal for a two-meal package that includes a one night stay at the hotel. You can enjoy all the signature dishes offered on the airline’s flights to your heart’s delight.


News Source:RTI
Editor:Shirley Lin