MAC: No calls for assistance from Taiwanese residents of Wuhan

People line up at Wuhan station Thursday, trying to get a ticket out of the city before Chinese authorities cut off public transport links. (Photo from Weibo)

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) says that it has not received any requests for assistance from Taiwanese nationals living in the Chinese city of Wuhan.


The city is at the center of a pneumonia outbreak caused by a new strain of coronavirus. As of Friday, the virus has infected over 800 and killed at least 26.


The virus has since spread around China and beyond, with cases reported as far away as the US. Taiwan has reported one confirmed case of infection, and is banning entry for all current and former Wuhan residents. Chinese authorities are trying to contain the outbreak’s spread, shutting down public transport links with Wuhan and other cities nearby.


Wuhan is home to a Taiwanese community numbering around 2000. The Mainland Affairs Council estimated Thursday that several hundred Taiwanese nationals may still be in the city. These include over 100 businesspeople and 100-200 young people.


The council says that over the Lunar New Year holiday, local associations of Taiwanese businesspeople based in China will be asked to check in on the well-being of Taiwanese nationals nearby.

News Source:RTI
Editor:John Van Trieste