Education ministry announces regulations for class suspension

Education ministry announces regulations for class suspension. (CNA Photo)

The Ministry of Education has announced the regulations for ceasing class activities in case there are COVID-19 infections at schools. The announcement was made Thursday, six days before schools across Taiwan are set to begin a new semester after a two-week delay in light of the epidemic. 

Ministry officials said if one student or teacher is found to be infected with COVID-19, the entire class will be suspended. If two or more students or teachers are infected, the school must be suspended. If more than one third of the schools are suspended, all schools in the city or county will be suspended as well. The suspension period is set at 14 days, the longest possible incubation period for the virus. 

The ministry officials also said if a student or teacher shows abnormal symptoms, the person must be immediately quarantined at school before being sent home for medical attention and a 14-day quarantine period. The officials said all parents are required to collaborate with the disease prevention efforts. 

News Source:RTI
Editor:Jake Chen