WATCH: Taiwan Insider, Feb 20, 2020


[Should we be worried about COVID-19?]


Faced with non-stop coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak, and news of Taiwan’s first fatality, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. In today’s show, we’ll not only bring you the latest developments,  we’ll also delve into why the virus is causing so much anxiety. 



-We celebrate Taiwan’s endangered languages on Mother Language Day (Feb. 21)
-Cute mascots help in the fight against COVID-19, on “Hashtag Taiwan” 

-Guess the Friend of Taiwan featured in “Who in Taiwan?”


-More cute memes from the health ministry (Chinese):
-Ministry of Health and Welfare (English):
-More about the Hla’alua (Saaroa) Language:
-Watch videos of the Hla’alua (Saaroa) Language (with Mandarin subtitles):
-More about Taiwan’s indigenous languages (Formosan Languages):
-Austronesian Languages:

News Source:RTI
Editor:Paula Chao