Minister: rising COVID cases in central and southern Taiwan “inevitable”

Health Minister Chen Shih-chung speaks at a press conference on Wednesday.

COVID-19 cases are increasing in the central and southern regions of Taiwan. Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said on Wednesday that this development was “inevitable.” Taiwan is currently dealing with a surge in COVID cases, with most infections found in northern Taipei. 


Responding to media questions before a legislative hearing, Chen says he doesn’t believe the outbreak’s epicenter is “moving south.” He says that Taiwan is a small and accessible country, meaning that no region is isolated. He says he believes the outbreak will soon develop at the same rate throughout various parts of the country.  


Chen says authorities plan to prepare enough antiviral medication for 3.5 percent of Taiwan’s population.


He also added that as cases grow, health officials will monitor the increase in Long COVID cases and include children in their considerations.


News Source:RTI
Editor:Itamar Waksman
Source: RTI