VIDEO: Experts warn Taiwan should be careful as COVID outbreak subsides

An elderly woman recieves a COVID vaccine. Source: CNA

Taiwan’s current COVID outbreak is thankfully getting better. But some experts are worried that unreported COVID diagnoses are putting some at unnecessary risk.

The current COVID outbreak in Taiwan is clearly waning. Daily cases have fallen from a peak of over 90,000 to around 40,000. But experts are warning people not to let their guard down.

Dr. Hung Tzu-jen says as COVID cases subside, high traffic areas like restaurants and public transportation could see bigger crowds again. He says that may lead to increased infection rates. 

Hung adds that by using South Korea’s Omicron outbreak as a reference model, Taiwan’s daily cases should bottom out at between 5,000 and 20,000 infections a day.

Alongside daily cases, daily deaths have also declined. From a peak of 213 deaths on June 10th, they have fallen to about 100 per day. But some experts are worried that the proportion of confirmed cases over the age of 60 is rising. Experts say that could be part of the reason why COVID-related deaths are declining slower than expected.

They urge patients to vigilantly monitor their symptoms.

Dr. Su Yi-feng says some people with COVID are not reporting themselves because they believe Omicron is mild. He says that’s a mistake.

Dr. Su says one patient over the age of 60 with a history of chronic illness tested positive but didn’t report his diagnosis. He thought his symptoms were mild and that he could stay home and recover. His symptoms eventually worsened, and now he’s on a ventilator. 

Su says many patients like this end up having problems breathing long term. Their recovery is more difficult.

Though the situation is improving, doctors stress it’s still important to COVID diagnoses seriously.


News Source:RTI
Editor:Itamar Waksman
Source: RTI