COVID-19 (09/28): Taiwan reports 48,421 local cases, 38 deaths


Taiwan reported 48,421 new local cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday.

If you take into account the population of each area of Taiwan, Hsinchu City is a hotspot for the virus. More than 1,200 people have new cases of COVID there. Keelung City is also dealing with a high number of infections, as is New Taipei City.

Another 38 people have died from COVID-19. Almost half were over the age of 80, and less than a third had taken three doses of a COVID vaccine.

Authorities say another 147 people are suffering from moderate or severe symptoms of the disease.

Taiwan also recorded 192 imported cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday.

News Source:RTI
Editor:Itamar Waksman
Source: RTI