Expert demonstrates the correct way to disinfect your home


Amid the growing fears over the new coronavirus COVID-19, the public is scrambling to sanitize their homes. But what’s the correct way of cleaning a home? If not done properly, the more you clean, the dirtier your home could get.


Many people are worried about COVID-19, and are rushing to get disinfectants, alcohol and bleach to clean their homes.  But if you don’t clean the right way, it could make things worse.  


For example, you can’t just wipe a table any old way.  Cleaning expert Chang Ming-fu says the germs won’t be cleaned off that way. You need to wipe the table from top to bottom and from bottom to top.


Also, don’t spray disinfectants directly on the surface of things. Spray it on the cleaning cloth first. Also, use bleach to sanitize the floors after cleaning.


Don’t use hot water to clean bathrooms as hot temperatures may help germs multiply. Use cold water only. Finally, Wash and get new cleaning tools on a regular basis. Otherwise, the more you clean, the dirtier your home may get. 

News Source:RTI
Editor:Paula Chao